Monday, August 31, 2009


Dinamika is not the subject that I favour everytime on Tuesday around 200pm,i’ll find a reason to show up late in class.yess,the teacher knew I hated her class but still I’ll manage to cool her rage down abit by showing interest in her works all the time!

Now,I’m working my ass out doing my assignment on DPN,which stands for Dasar Pembangunan Negara.i wouldnt care less about the assignment given,but then,presentation or so called public speaking is compulsory to every student INCLUDING ME!so yadaa yadaa yadaa.i’ve finished my work,and praised myself for the satisfactory work.

I’m not going to babble about the DPN thingy since I could care less about it.but when I’ve done research about this particular assignment that had been given to me,I realised how valuable races is and as well as to this,I now can give my opinion about unity.

To me,unity is like a’s like a diamond on your ring,it’s like a diamond on your expensive necklace and it is also like a diamond hidden in old mines.unity is a strong have strong bonds,(refer to chemistry lessons about bonding),diamond’s bond are almost impossible to break.your can cut the diamond into pieces and boil it in the FLAMES OF HELL,but it will still remain the same,a piece of diamond either small or big which is the same for unity.

Unity is priceless and totally cant buy a RM5 diamond and expect it to be!diamonds costs a living!(except for those who are multibillionaire which I’m sure you’re not!)unity is priceless in its own way,you cant buy it,or even get it.but you can earn it.earn unity by being understanding,by being the same,by not judging others and by then,you’ll earn yourself a piece of unity,a piece of diamond.

These are the meaning of unity to me.ha!i’m being so PATRIOTIC here!but what the heck!toodles guys!



  1. ak xsuka cina ngn ak xdikira racist sbb ak ad drh cina ngn kutuk diorg sbb buang kucing2 ak.

  2. haha . kijam . weyh , aku jpe lpe nk ty . kau stdy ne and what course ?

  3. yanakulupppp!
    im following ur blog!!
    do follow mine too!
    mysm babe!!!
    keep da sprit of ur finger!

  4. yayang:your kucing is too much la babe.need to trow some out.

    lady f.s:amek hayat kat melaka.kau?

    zuleka;will do!

  5. cats are perfectly manageable.
    i prefer to be a racist than a cruel animal torturer you sadistic chinese bastards next door!fuck YOU!hehe

  6. yayang:managable?? you have a cat that think that he/she is a rabbit.and you call that managable norayang??!hahahh