Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a phone call and i'm in detention!

the phone rang and rang.but no sound could be heard.the phone was on silence.i tried to answer the call but the gaze from my teacher eyes warned me not to.i waited and waited for the time to pass by but the sand of clock seems to have stopped.i felt uneasy.i felt curious.i felt scared for the call was from both of my parents.

"daddy got a call from the HEP",mummy texted."call him immediately",another text entered from her.

it was very unusual for my parents to urge me like this.something is wrong.SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY WRONG.

BEEP.another text entered my phone.i pushed the 'read' button and rows of words filled in the phone screen.

"I'm not mad at you,you've grown up already.Just feeling curious about what's really happening over there.Your english result is bad,C!Furthermore,HEP called me!16 days lag?I know you can manage your time.but dont let the lagging affects your final.improve your english.GOODLUCK!ALL THE BEST!",daddy sent.

man!the HEP had caught me skipping lectures.i was expecting to be caught but not expecting to have a call from my parents about this matter.mummy already know how i love to skip classes and she's okay with it.since daddy didnt show any rage,i guess he's okay with it.i couldnt hope for more from my parents.thank you for being understanding guys!you're the best!i could hope less but to wit for any disciplinary action taken on me.I'll wait.i know it's not going to be good.HAHA


  1. haha.gile bsemangat la ur hep kt sane.
    nway,lucky u parents sporting.haha.

  2. nadd: trust me,they'll never let me go.i have to attend counseling after this.