Thursday, September 24, 2009


ok's been awhile since my last post.
so,i this entry,let's talk about eid mubarak.

things i love and hate about this years eid;

i love that we're balik kampung.
i hate that every year, we have to balik perak for one day only(which is not fair for mama.

i love travelling far to johor and perak.
but i hate mama nagging about the speed limits. (oh!and my sister got her first saman!)

i love making my own karaoke booth in the car during the long journey
i hate when the darn radio got no signals!stupid frequencies.

i love spending my time with my aunties and uncles
i hate the way they always appear smaller or thinner every year which makes me feel so LARGE.

i love getting duit raya!
oh,i hate being assumed to be too old to get duit raya anymore.

i love spending my duit raya!
i definitely hate the way the money flows out so fast.

and the most thing i love about 5th of raya is,it's our two years anniversary.
and yet i hate it when he forgets.

that's all for raya this year!happy eid guys!forgive all my sins because i'm a ok?cheers!

p/s:oh,damn you abell!

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