Saturday, September 26, 2009

consistency for sale,anyone?

when i think i'm going to do revisions during the holiday,this happens.

the first day of my holiday,i had the strongest will to study some topics i left. yess i did study. just a few pages of course.i even went to TPM COLLEGE's library. credits to Aulia for this because he picked me up,at 9 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING,i repeat,9 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. i studied for the past 2 hours,and spent the next hours looking around the library,bothering Abell,reading articles about moguls and Beyonce and surveyed phones in a magazine. i always wondered why cant i be consistent in doing things,things always ended up the same when i'm studying. my focus can only be retained for a few hours and then wallah! it dissapears. darn,why cant i have those photogenic memories where i can capture and remember everything by the first look of it. i'll be a genius then. after 2 o'clock we went to Mc'D for lunch.and after that,the whole day was wasted in the shopping centre. BRAVO Adeeb!

things happened differently for Abell,he slept like a pig the whole day. and this picture was captured in the library.hee~

i doodled on his hands. he woked up shocked looking at my creations. i gave him an innocent look and laughed hard. sucks to be you Abell .haha

the main point of this post is,why cant i be consistent? can anyone tell me where can i buy consistency? i'll spend a fortune on it.sigh*


  1. haha.
    normal la tu adeeb, at least kau ok lagi,
    aku kalau ngadap buku, paling lame pon 30 mnt je yg paling lame!

    kesian abell.
    but i can imagine your face and abell's reaction when he woke up.

  2. 7-11 ada jual kot consistency.cuba cari. =P

  3. here's an equation dear.
    adeeb is not equal to consistency.