Saturday, January 2, 2010


waiting for the digits on the watch to turn to 12.00 on 31.12.2008,i wished.i wished and i hoped to have a better year a better 2009.

2009 was not as pretty as i aspected.the thought of being a graduate from mrsm tgb sounds wonderful but the fact is,the future itself is not promising.2009 was the year for me to rearrange and plan my steps forward and they were lots of adjustment neeeded to be done.2009 was somehow horrible,hectic,sad but at times it turned to happy,joy and fun.i made a list of what i gained and lost during 2009:

things lost:
-a good friend
-a memory
-my new handphone
-my dream

things i gained:
-new friends

so far,that's all i could think about.i guess there are more cons than pros.

but a few days ago,i waited for the same clock to turn 12.00.and i wished.i wished.i wished for things to go around.and be better.

here's a few pictures to add on for the new 2010:

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