Wednesday, January 13, 2010

are we nazis?

seeing what's happening to the world around us nowadays made me think,why do people have to differentiate themselves with others.where you compare how better you are,which one's the best and not and go around saying bad things to others.fight to prove nothing and end up being in aa devastating world.well,you should see this particular film i saw today,'the boy in the striped pyjamas'.it brought me to tears.knowing why grown ups decieve us to believe what they believed.hating something or someone that you dont even know or even met.well,human's feelings and behaviours are very subjective.we dont inherit behaviours from genes we dont even inherit feelings.

my notes to all of you including me,believe what you want to believe not what people made you believed.we dont have the rights to differentiate people,where's the humanity in that?we are not nazis nor tha kk klan!

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  1. i really like these kinds of they have it in youtube?