Tuesday, January 12, 2010

cocaine drops?give me more

have you ever got a nasty toothache that effects u not only mentally but ,emotionally?
well,say,hello to long night no sleep,unbearable pain and mentally inbalance!
why do teeth have to be such a burden?i mean,i can bare the pain of having a fever,just tuck in bed for a night and everything would be ok.i can also bare the pain of stomachache,all i need to do is visit to the loo and bombs away!but toothache?damn!it really really hurts.

i felt like slamming my head between doors and my nights were restless.since the visit to the dentist doesnt help a lot and they just gave me paracetamol to depend on,i visited to the pharmacy and got my own medicine,i've been taking painkillers.they work like miracle!no pain,more sleep.since then,i had an addiction on buying painkillers.not that i consume them regularly but just as a precaution step.now,i wont go anywhere without my painkillers.who knows whenever the pin strikes again and i am definitely not going to sacrifice anymore of my nights.and,oh pleaseee,give me one of these!

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